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UserBenchmark – Results InConclusive

By October 12, 2019January 7th, 2023One Comment

So- I have ran into an issue where user benchmark files to complete the benchmark, due to incomplete results of the sequential read / write tests.

I combed through google looking for answers on how to resolve this problem, and I was unsuccessful. So, as a the knowledgeable nerd I am, I am here to present to you with a solution!

The Symptoms

When running user benchmark, you may notice this error:

WARNING: Could not set valid file size: The parameter is incorrect. (87); trying a slower method

Or, on your benchmark, you may notice this error: ” Benchmarks – excluding SSD, HDD”, and it will state your results were inconclusive

If- that reflects what you are seeing, then this post may be able to help you!

The Cause

Make sure the setting for “Compress this drive to safe space” is OFF!!!

Uncheck this!!!

I must have previously had this option enabled to try and save a little bit of room on my SSD, back when it was smaller. However- UserBenchmark will fail if that option is selected!

The Results

After unselecting the option, the benchmarks run as expected.

Hopefully this posts helps somebody. If it helped you, let me know by clicking the like button below.