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Title should be Board Games/TCG

Not sure if there's enough interest in this area to have its own section...but it is still gaming to a degree.


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Chess is a fun game. My friend has one of those $2 chess sets and likes to carry it around with him, people love it. I'd say it's gaming to the same capacity as an iPhone app.


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I love checkers myself. I played it a lot growing up and grew to become quite good at it. I really enjoy strategizing and predicting moves. Really gives my brain a workout.

I tried playing chess a few years ago but I found the complexity to be somewhat overwhelming. I guess I never really learned any techniques which is what get's you into a game.

I prefer checkers because the rules and pieces are simpler. I can set up double/tripple jumps and things like that.

If I took the time to really learn chess I am sure it would be fun though.