Dan Bull (Raps Based on Video Games)

Dan Bull is YouTuber is raps about video games. He also does political raps, but he's mostly known for his video game related raps.

He has a lot of good raps, but I personally think his GTV 5 rap is his very best.

He also has done a The Wolf Among Us rap, and he actually got the voice actor for Bigby to be on the track with him!

His BioShock Infinite is the first rap that I ever heard by him, and it's also really good! Though you can hear a little bit of his political history leak through.

What do you think of his rapping? Do you love it? Hate it?
I can't believe I forgot his amazing Dishonored rap!

Also, I'm wrong. The Bioshock Infinite rap was the first of his that I saw, it was the Borderlands 2 rap. :)