Do You Listen to Music While Gaming?


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Some people like to listen to music whilst gaming and some people don't. If I'm playing a game for the first time, I generally don't put on any music. Same goes for very detail orientated or dialogue heavy games. If it's a game I've played a million times or an open world (Skyrim, Fallout 3, GTA 5, etc) I will generally put on music. I have a friend who likes to put on a electro swing or an 1940's/1950's playlist while playing Fallout 3 to "fit the the mood" of the games. (She'll leave the in game radio on, but sometimes it cuts out.)

Do you listen to music while gaming? ;)

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Trance, electronica, Jpop or Jrock tend to be my go to music while playing video games. I like in game music but it gets too repetitive at times and I want music to match my mood.


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Hmm, most of the time I'll let the game music play, but rarely I will play my own music. I let my ipod run on just about everything else I do lol. Reading, writing, making food, browsing the web, etc.


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I play with other people, so, I am in teamspeak 90% of the time.

Speaking of which, teamspeak information can be access under your user profile settings.


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No, not really. I tend to be watching something on my second monitor while I game so I turn off the In-Game music half the time and only VERY rarely do I listen to my own music.


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Yes, but I have a god damn brother who has a desk next to me and he yells at me constantly.
Hahaha. That's hilarious. I'm sorry but I remember having that same situation with a younger brother growing up. He just wouldn't leave me alone and would always barge in.


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To be honest, it depends on what game I'm playing. If I'm playing a game with an audio soundtrack I enjoy, or if it has crucial dialogue (and I can't turn on any type of subtitles), I won't play music.
If there's a game with an audio soundtrack I've either listened to 100 times over, or dislike, I will play my own music instead.
Most of the time I allow the game to run it's music because I need to hear the sound effects that go along with it. If I'm playing a game that requires combat, I need to know when I'm being attacked, and the audio helps me identify when that is happening. And I usually feel like my music doesn't go along with the game. It feels out of place, and I'd rather listen to the music it's supposed to be listened to with.


I usually just keep Spotify on at all times with the radio on, or some 10 hour long playlist. But depends on the game, there are brilliant games with amazing soundtracks, I have no problem listening to those. The best example I can think of is Chrono Trigger.


I usually have Spotify on one of my playlists or radio. But in games like Counter Strike where hearing footsteps, gunshots, etc. is critical I do not play with any music.


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Nope I never listen to music I find it throws off my concentration, but when I was younger I would sometimes just listen to in game soundtrack most games have a good well rounded soundtrack except MMO's which I stopped playing years ago.


Yeah. I have to listen in certain situations (Grinding, doing mindless tasks like tradeskilling or idling about) but when situations arose for concentrated attacks (Raids, Dungeons, PVP) I'd turn my music off. I prefer to be in the zone.

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I listen to music that fits the feel of the game. If I'm playing Fallout or Metro 2033, I'll listen to something sludgy or post-rock. On the flip side, if I'm playing Halo or Mass Effect or something like that I'll listen to electronic music to get me in the zone. Fable 2 is folk, of course.


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If I don't feel like the in-game music is appropriate, I have a personal soundtrack I'll listen too. The song has to go with the mood though.


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Listening to music while gaming is essential. It provides motivation, increases adrenaline, and can help you focus. The music has to be a representation of the gaming mood and tone to the game you are playing. It serves well and can you help you illusion a game to better.


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I don't do a whole lot to gaming but when I do I'm usually listening to the game itself. I like to be immersed into the game and a good pair of headphones hooked up to the game really helps. Either that or buy an expensive stereo set.

If I were a more casual gamer then I guess I would.


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Yes, of course, why not? Unless I play an intense online FPS, then I have to be focused on my enemies footsteps so music isn't going to help me. But remember that games should be a way to relax. Combine them with your favourite music for a better experience.


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It depends on the game. If I'm playing World of Warcraft, I usually do just to kind of drown everything out and get things done. Plus it gets me pumped up to keep going. A lot of other games, though, I get really focused on the games and so there's no point for the music in the background. I won't hear it anyway.