Favorite GENRE of video games?


From RTS to RPG, there have been many incarnations of games over the past, and still more to come from the present and future. They allow us to escape reality; to be someone else, a chance to be born again.

I'd have to say mine is MMORPGS, or generally anything massively online. I love to interact with other people. I dislike having to play through a single player campaign no matter how awesome it is, or the quality of story-telling. No matter how enthralling it is, you don't develop a sense of character unless you're constantly forging your own name.

So, what are your favorites? Explain!


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I really love street racing games I loved the old NFS games where you could customize your car and make it unique, but unfortunately as a PC gamer now their really isn't a whole lot to choose from I was thinking about buying an Xbox 360 just to play Import Tuner, but it would be a waste of money just to buy a system just for one game at the time I was going to buy it because it's just like the xtreme racer series which I loved except the two drift games they made.


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I've always been something of an RPG lover. It's just a shame that JRPGs have floundered. Even though they're pretty generic after a while there's something about them that hits the nostalgia spot for me. MMO's are an addiction of mine that I've been trying to wean from after a long bout of playing. The social aspect is what makes me go back despite the lack of innovation in gameplay and mechanics.

Tower defense and hack/slash games are pretty fun to play without huge time commitments. I can pick it up and go with it whenever I want without worrying about missing storyline, updates, ect. So they're my causal game genres.

Luke Ferguson

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I'm a big fan of horror games, but good ones are fairly hard to come by. Left 4 Dead is my favorite game of all time, and although I'm hesitant to call it "horror," it does have that feeling of dreadful. The Penumbra and Amnesia games and Scratches are among the scariest I've ever played, but are fairly limited in gameplay, I've found. Alan Wake, although not too scary, is my favorite horror game of all time because of the story and gameplay. It's also probably in my top five behind Left 4 Dead. But yeah, I really love horror games and am always on the lookout for new ones.


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Oh geez, MMOs, RPGs, rhythm games and platformers are my favorites. And classics just because nostalgia :D


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Its a hard choice for me. There are so many great games and I have fallen in love with games from a few different Genres. I love RPG games, Diablo series, Elder Scrolls, Torchlight... but at the same time there are lots of great Survival games out there like Don't Starve and Project Zomboid. Yet, if I had to pick ONE game to play for the rest of my life it could be Crusader Kings 2, a Grand Strategy Game. Then there are the great sim games out there, Sim City series, Cities Series, Banished, TTD...

I really can't pick just one Genre. As long as the game allows me to replay the game differently, I will probably love it.


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FPS, no doubt. Why? Because they deliver proper action and fun every single time. Combine them with a great singleplayer story and this games will get me stucked in front of the monitor for quite a long time.


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I'm going with story based, adventure games myself. I love the Assassins Creed games. I'm also a big fan of the Sly Cooper series. Most games I don't like but there are a few like the ones I just mentioned that I really enjoy. I really love it or really hate it when it comes to games.


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For me, open world games are my favourite. I just like the fact that, although there's a story line and missions to do, you can also just go off and do your own thing for a while. I play video games to relax and for a bit of escapism from the real world, sometimes its nice to just escape from the game as well.
GTAV on the ps4 is my kind of game, red ded redemption, that kind of game. I've heard far cry 4 is good as well but I haven't played that yet, or any of the far cry series if I'm honest.