SCCM Speculative Execution Configuration Baseline updated for L1TF CVE-2018-3620


Yvette O'Meally

First published on TECHNET on Aug 20, 2018
We have updated the Speculative Execution Side-Channel Vulnerabilities Configuration Baseline . The updated baseline now includes support for verifying the protections for CVE-2018-3620 (L1 Terminal Fault) in addition to the previously supported CVE-2017-5715, CVE-2017-5754 and CVE-2018-3639.
Download the updated baseline

This Compliance Settings configuration baseline is used to confirm whether a system has enabled the mitigations needed to protect against the speculative-execution side-channel vulnerabilities as described in the Microsoft Security Advisories ADV180002 , ADV180012 and ADV180018 . It is based on the functionality in the PowerShell module Get_SpeculationControlSettings . It requires at least PowerShell 3.0.

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