Updates Version 1.0 Released


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The bot is used for hustle castle war reminders, and keeping track of a website, and/or loot thread if you have one.


  1. Will send tag members, in configurable member's channel, when the war prep starts.
  2. Will tag members (In members channel), and leaders (in officers channel), 15 minutes before war starts to move people around, and to ensure everybody is joined.
  3. Will send a notifcation to the members, and officers channel, when the war starts.
Other Features:

  1. Can track a loot thread, if you have one specified.
  2. Can tell members your website.
Roles, and features are configurable.

Note, the bot will default its permissions to either, the first user-created role with the admin permissions, OR, everyone if a role cannot be determined.

You must set the proper notification channels, for the bot to do anything.

bot, set member channel #memberChat bot, set officer channel #officerChat

You must also set your roles, for tagging to work properly. Note- Anybody in the LEADER role, will have permissions to configure the bot. It is advised to check this setting. To also note, @everyone, or @here is not an acceptable role.

bot, set member role @members bot, set officer role @officers bot, set leader role @leaders

To check your settings,

bot, show config

To promote/demote users to a specified role level,

  1. set member @user
  2. set officer @user
  3. set leader @user
The above commands will automatically add or, remove roles to reach the desired role level.

You can "talk" to the bot in two ways.

  1. @WarBot, show config
  2. bot, show config
To print a full list of commands available to your "CURRENT ROLE", type commands.

Some commands, do not require tagging, or addressing the bot. These commands are:

  1. website
  2. loot
  3. ping
  4. commands
As a last note- Do ensure the bot has the proper permissions to do what you configure it to do!

If you want it to add/remove people from roles, makes sure it has the proper permissions. If you want it to post to your "officers" and / or private channel, make sure it is in the channel.