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Chocolate-malt milk :O Took longer to make than to drink. Tummy thinks I should have drank it slower :/
Hit the road? Don't do that! Roads are you friends, man. WHAT DID IT DO TO YOU?!
I understand Shimus, it was -33 here last night and still is in the negatives. ugh!
I feel for you and Shimus. I couldn't live in that kind of weather. I like cold and snow but that is WAY too cold. Hope the two of you can stay safe and well during all this cold!
I'm still alive, so I'm thankful for that. Other than that, I hate my weather. 3pm here and it's -20 degrees. Even the air is frozen.
After I typed Welcome back, Street..I read it out loud and it really does a lot like Welcome Backstreet lol.
How to make an elegant post in one hundred and forty characters or less. So far, not so good.
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You could always post a thread.