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Dash Fabrication – Part 3

By April 26, 2019January 7th, 2023One Comment

If you missed Part 2, please go read it first! For part 3, additional gauges and switches will be added, as well as a slightly better point job.

After driving around with the previous version, I determined I would need additional toggle switches for various piece of functionality.

You will notice in the above image- the lights are controlled via 2-way toggle switches(on the right). This gives me the ability to either have the dash lights “Always on” with ignition, or, automatically turn on when you enable the headlights.

On the left side of the image- I have 4 single pole switches for..

  • Transmission Shift Aggressiveness
  • Two-Step Toggle
  • ECU On/Off
  • Future High-Boost / Low-Boost

After making up my mind on which speedometer I wanted to use, I bored out a hole to fit the new instrument. The 4 small holes on the border are for vehicle status lights.

  • Left Blinker
  • Right Blinker
  • High Beam On
  • Check Engine

As well- I performed grinding and sanding to smooth down the surface somewhat. After some cleanup was performed, 4 coats of Dollar General’s finest black primer was applied, followed by clear-coat.

More new parts
Dash with all but one of the gauges mounted

In the above image, you will notice one of the gauges is missing. I discovered an issue where it appeared my fuel pressure gauge was actually showing my oil pressure. After contacting Holley support, the issue was confirmed as a batch-issue and a new replacement gauge was sent my way. As well- I did also have to send back the CAN-speedomoter, and instead order a 553-123 GPS speedometer.

Holley support was fantastic to deal with on these issues.

View of the dash during the daytime.
Nighttime view of the dash, with lighting turned on.
I finally acquired the last gauge.
Here is a shot of the dash while driving down the road.

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