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LS – How to turn on the alternator

By March 20, 2018January 7th, 2023No Comments

Since I completely removed the factory wiring harness- I discovered I would still need to engineer a solution to turn on the alternator.

Here is a pin-out for the 4-pin Metri-Pack connection I found at

Required parts to complete this:

  1. 1x 470 ohm resistor.
  2. 1x Metri-pack 150 series 4-way connector -> Delphi Metri-Pack 150 Series 4-Way Connector w/16-18 AWG Sealed Waterproof Set: Automotive
  3. Reasonably thick gauge cable for alternator to charge battery.
  4. Heat shrink, protective loom, misc parts.
Step 1. Solder the resistor to a metri-pack terminal
Step 2. Use heat-shrinking around the resistor, and insert into the terminal. NOTE- I have installed the connector into the WRONG PIN!!!!!
I soldered on a ring-terminal to some 12-ga wire to carry the charging current.
Here is an image of my completed charging cable, and turn-on wire, all wrapped up with a sheath to product the wire.

note: again- the terminal is in the wrong socket in this image! I need to take an updated image.

After installing the cable, and connecting the “turn-on” wire to a circuit only hot when the ignition is turned on, this project was completed.

A year later… on 9/26/19

Here is the proper location for the signal wire.
Proper location for the signal wire.