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Turbo downpipe fabrication

By April 17, 2018January 7th, 2023No Comments

While originally it was discussed to direct the exhaust straight out the hood. I changed my mind and decided to utilize a full-exhaust system. The first job was to fabricate a downpipe to direct the hot exhaust under the cab, instead of out the hood.

The shop who installed the hot side, provided me with a downpipe from another project which was not being utilized. I used this piece of scrap tubing as the starting point for my downpipe.

After some strategic cuts, I was able to get the downpipe routed in the proper direction.
A section welding to the output-side of the turbo.
Final fitting looks promising.
I completed welding the pipe, and wrapped everything with titanium exhaust wrapping. Life pro tip: wear protective clothing and gloves when dealing with that shit. It is far worse then fiberglass insulation.