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Dash Fabrication – Part 1

By April 29, 2018January 7th, 2023No Comments

Since the interior was gutted, I needed a way to mount critical electronics and gauges. I decided to fabricate my own dash out of sheet metal.

The current state of the interior when I started the fabrication.

The dash was fabricated out of 16ga cold-rolled steel. In hindsight, I could/should have used 6061 aluminum for only around 40$ more. However- I was satisfied with the end result, which will be seen in later posts.

Here is the initial draft of the dash being mocked up. Ignore the flux-core mig splatter, this work was completed before I owned my TIG welder. Notice the rusty piece of sheet metal in the center. This was the original fuse-box assembly I created.
A panel was mounted underneath the dash to hold the ECU and TCU. I created a simple cable management hook to hold the excess wire lengths from the passenger’s side floorboard.
A image of some of the wiring mess as i was working on doing the electronics work.
I created a temporary tablet mount for my cheap tablet, out of some of the excess steel I had laying around. This was utilized before I had a proper dash instrumentation.

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