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Cold Side Fabrication – Part 1

By May 25, 2018January 7th, 2023No Comments

When I brought the truck back home from the shop, the cold side was not 100% completed.

One of the issues I noticed- was the piece of provided tubing going from the turbo air outlet, to the intercooler was not able to properly make the bend. At this time- I had acquired my TIG welder… So- lets get after it!

I mocked up the angle I needed to achieve. A chop saw was used to cut the aluminum elbow to around the angles I required.
Here is the piece of tubing after welding, and grinding. Notice the sharp angle that was required.
Here is the new elbow mounted and in-place.
Here is a small test-hit from the previous day. The cold-side had blown off and no boost was being generated during this hit.

And, since I now had boost…. this led to Traction Issues (and broken parts)!