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Traction Issues and the first round of broken parts.

By May 27, 2018January 7th, 2023One Comment

After getting the cold side finished, and functional… I discovered the truck was going to have a few traction issues….

Testing the turbo after completing the cold-side additions. I couldn’t get any traction to built boost. :-/

After failing to get traction- I decided to replace the rear tires with slightly less-used tires to try and get some more grip. Since- the new rear-end is 8-lug, my old 14″ wide tires will not bolt up…

However- before putting on new tires- we need to remove the old tires… in style!

Burning some rubber.

While burning the tires off- I broke my u-joint. Oops. The very first part broken.

After installing a new, beefier u-joint- I went out to do a few boosted test-hits on the highway, in Mexico.

And…. too much boost. Or not enough driveshaft.
Log capture from when the driveshaft snapped. Only peaked around 15psi.

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