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Cold Side Fabrication – Part 2

By May 28, 2018September 26th, 2019No Comments

Since the driveshaft was broken, I decided to focus on resolving some of the known issues. At the top of the list was correcting an issue where the cold side would blow apart around 20 psi.

Reason number one- was no “lip” for the rubber fitting to “grab” onto on the elbow.

No Lip = No Grip
Its not pretty- but- I welded a generous lip onto piping.

Reason number 2, was due to a smooth mating surface in the middle of the pipe, which would never have any reason to be seperate. The resolution was to simply weld the piping together here.

Before Image. Under the coupling in the middle- there is no flange to bite against.
Resolved. No coupling required now.
Completed installation.

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